The Fever Receiver and FLIR® Thermal Fever Detection Device

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

This article will give you insights to some common questions about both the technology and capabilities.

What FLIR® devices do you support?

The Fever Reciever's EBT Beta app works on both Apple IOS, Android and Amazon Fire OS (Fire HD tablets). Each tablet needs a thermal camera accessory. 

This is the currently supported list of hardware.

1. FLIR ONE® Pro 


3. It may also work on the older generation FLIR ONE® devices but have not had the same level of testing and checking.

4. Comper Bluetooth FDA thermometer (for self service app based secondary screening)

How is it better/different from other similar products?

Anyone can buy a FLIR ONE® or similar thermal camera. Most devices only have an accuracy of 5 degrees Fahrenheit and this isn’t acceptable for detection an elevated body temperature. Dotty uses special statistical machines and environment tracking to compensate for drift and errors due to the environment, a requirement to make a cheaper less accurate device perform over a very narrow range of measurements.

Why is it Important?

A fever is the first and most common symptom of Covid-19 and other conditions, something that can only be diagnosed by a medical professional. Even in the case of the $10k+ FDA approved camera systems there is no diagnoses component to the system.

Dotty’s app when used with a FLIR ONE® device provides a measurement solution for the detection of an elevated body temperatures. This is a low cost option to automatically screen people for a potentially elevated body temperature.

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