The Best Texas Covid 19 Temperature Check Machine

Simple. Scalable. Smart

The Elevated Body Temperature (EBT) app runs completely automatically with no training required or camera operators. Just plug in the FLIR ONE® Pro thermal imaging camera and open the app.

Take steps to care for yourself and help protect others in your home and community- CDC approved content

Cost Savings as an Independent Self Standing System that removes the person from being contacted by the virus and saves numerous man hours. 

Do you need to protect your occupants in Schools, Hospitals, or any large assembly building where you will need multiple devices?

Need to screen your employees, customers, or students? Get a solution that doesn't cost thousands of dollars to implement and doesn't require hiring more employees to manage. 

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Quick & Simple

Buy the FLIR ONE® Pro LT.
Open the app.
Setup at entry point.

Location Adjusted

Advanced environmental algorithms adjusts to your surroundings to ensure accurate body temperatures are measured.

Central Management

Manage devices across multiple stores or locations, without complex user management. Contact Dotty for enterprise licences.

The Fever Receiver 

A Front Line Worker Owned and Operated


Contact us if you are a Hospital, School, First Responder, Non-Profit, or any front line company for bulk rates and specials.

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The Fever Receiver


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